RADECS Association RADIATION EFFECTS ON COMPONENTS & SYSTEMS CONFERENCE 2020 Online Event 19th October to 20th November 2020
Booking by card
by the following forms by our partner HelloAsso.

Credit Card registration is propulsed by HelloAsso. 
HelloAsso is a social and solidarity enterprise, which provides its payment technologies free of charge to RADECS. A contribution to the operation of HelloAsso, modifiable and optional, will be proposed to you before the validation of your payment. You can just desactive to escape donation and  avoid fee.

Registration instructions

  1. Select your registration and quantity.
  2. Fill form by your informations : First Name, Last name, Phone, Email and Company (for all registrations)
  3. Confirm your informations or select to pay as a Company or an Institution.
    If you pay as a Company fill form with : Company or Institute name, First Name, Last name, Address, Postcode, City and Country
  4. Summary of your order :
    Click on “modifier” inside blue frame and Select “Je ne souhaite pas soutenir HelloAsso” to escape donation fee.
    Select  “J’ai compris que HelloAsso est une entreprise sociale et solidaire et confirme vouloir lui apporter un soutien financier en finalisant mon paiement *” to accept terms and conditions.
  5. Click on “valider et payer”
  6. Choose your Card and enter you informations
  7. Click on “Valider”

 HelloAsso platform is a secure platform. Your card must be 3D secure compatible to make payment.


Interested? Contact us for information !

The personal data provided are necessary for the proper handling of your request. They are intended for RADECS SOCIETY and their subcontractors. To know and exercise your rights, including the withdrawal of your consent to the use of your personal data, please consult our privacy policy.
 We retain your data during the contact period and then during the legal limitation period for probationary and litigation management purposes.

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